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This page features Specialty and mini cats. Miniature cats can be just as hard to find as the rarest DW cats. I have two more pages of mini cats pictured. I have some test pieces pictured too. Test pieces can be very hard to find but I was able to buy several on Ebay a few years ago and have bought a few more from other collectors.

Hagen Renaker Specialty Puss N Boots

The dark grey cat is the earlier color

Hagen Renaker Specialty Girl With Cat

The girl with tan kitten is an early test piece. The blonde in blue dress is a recent test piece

Hagen Renaker Specialty Cat On Pillow Variations

The cat on the left is a test mold

Hagen Renaker Specialty Cat With Fiddle

Hagen Renaker Specialty Cat Trio

The reddish cat is a test piece, All 3 are reissued smaller versions of DW Cats

Hagen Renaker Specialty Kitten With Mouse and Mini Kitten Playing

This cat was issued as a Specialty piece with the mouse on a base, and as a mini by itself
The black and white cat on the right is a test color

Hagen Renaker Mini Cat Seated and Head Turned Kitten

These cats were introduced in 1949 and retired in 1951 and 1952

Hagen Renaker Mini Siamese Cat Seated

Hagen Renaker Mini Nursery Rhyme Cats

Most of these cats are very hard to find. The Siamese Cats are fairly common
The white crying cat isn't pictured

Hagen Renaker Mini Happy Cats

The grey tabbie cat is a Monrovia piece that is very hard to find

Hagen Renaker Mini Stalking Papa Cats Including The Very Rare Abyssinian

Hagen Renaker Mini Monrovia Sleeping Cats

The dark calico cat is quite rare

Hagen Renaker Mini Climbing Cat

Hagen Renaker Mini Persian Papa Cat Variations

This cat originally came in a tail out version

Hagen Renaker Mini Early Kitten Playing

Hagen Renaker Mini Persian Mama Cat With Kittens

Hagen Renaker Mini Persian And Himalayan Cats

The grey and blueberry colored cats are quite rare
The first white persian has a cool milky white glaze very similar to Freeman Mcfarlin glazes

Hagen Renaker Mini Persian Cats Lying And Seated

Both molds were reworked at some point, The newer mold has much better detail
The gray pair on the right and one white lying persian are from the reworked mold

Hagen Renaker Mini Thumb Sucking Cats

Hagen Renaker Mini Kittens

This tiny Siamese kitten is very hard to find

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